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Цивилизация: неофициальный аддон


На спец-форуме про Цивилизацию 4 («Beyond the Sword") народ начал жечь на тему неофициального аддона. Блин, у иностранцев тоже есть чувство юмора. Не ожидал.

Соответственно, я тоже никак не мог отстать от мощного течения и предложил свои дополнения для сего мероприятия.


World Wonder: The New Ukrainian History


Cost: 5000 hammers, 5000 gold and ? science. Every science specialist doubles the production cost.

Need: 10 mental hospital buildings.


Gives -5 relation with russian leader.

Gives +5 relation with american leader.

Gives 3 « for other civs.

Gives -3 gold per city.

Gives free "Natural Gas" resource.

Allows civ to become Poland if no other Poland exists in current mod. If it happens "The Pyramids" World Wonder disappears.

Randomly swaps wheel, alphabet, robotics and elephant riding techs to wonder's owner. Previous tech's owner loses the tech.




World Wonder: US Politics and Propaganda


Cost: it doesn't matter

Need: to be America


Allows "Bear" unit to pass through other civs territory.

No war weariness when fighting with civ which has "Oil" resource. But leader needs to type three pages of random text.

"Emancipation" civic's bonuses and penalties slowly transform to "Slavery" ones but « penalty for other civs still remains.

When at war enemy units are displayed as barbarian.

Demographics screen shows that wonder's owner is number one in all ratings. Other civs can't see it.

Gold wonder's owner spent for trading comes back to him after several turns.

Unit can't attack until air bombard.

Sometimes map displays chemical weapon sources where are no ones.

Sometimes wonder's owner is allowed to change other civs civics.

Every turn message "You win" pops up, but the game continues.

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